Tis the Season to spread Joy

Tis the Season to spread Joy

Christmas is mainly associated with Santa, the Christmas trees, singing of the
carols and of course, the yummy plum cake. The OLPS church, which is at the
heart of Chembur comes alive during the Christmas season.
However, this article looks to highlight some other ways in which Christmas
and the Christian spirit is celebrated by many Christians living in Chembur.
The true message of Christmas is renewing every individual’s relationship with
God and celebrating his birth with joy and love and spreading hope and peace
to all.
In this article, Chembur Pulse is proud the present the efforts of Mrs. Biju
Nambiar and her husband Mr. Rajiv Nambiar’s innovative and novel ways of
spreading the message of Christ which was done through their Trust – First
Commandment Foundation, Tilak Nagar either by themselves or in association
with bodies such as New Life Fellowship, Chedda Nagar, Youth with a Mission,
Chembur and many others.

Tilak Nagar Police

Prayer Sessions for the Police Force: We are indebted to the police, who work
hard to maintain law and order. Yet, one must acknowledge that not only do
they word in difficult conditions but also have to work long and difficult hours.
They work especially harder when ‘we’, the common people have holidays.
This picture shows a glimpse from a prayer meet held at Tilak Nagar police

Access Life

Celebration with under-privileged children – Who doesn’t like gifts? And isn’t
Christmas for all? I am sure, Jesus in heaven, would be very pleased to see the
happy smiles on the children’s faces. This is an occasion where Christmas was
celebrated with the children living under the bridges of Amar Mahal and Kurla
(near LTT railway station).

Not all under-privileged children are poor. There are some who are battling
cancer. Celebrating Christmas with them also spreads joy. Here is a peek into
how happiness was shared with the children of the Access Life Center (Cancer
Home) near Diamond Garden.

Amchi Shala

Schools are the best place to influence and motivate. Many schools can ill-
afford to conduct fancy workshops and hence, workshops with school children
go a long way in promoting a sense of goodwill and joy.

Christmas with Santa

Healing the wounded heart – Not everyone’s pain is visible. Yet, the message
of God can heal all. The Christmas spirit can do wonders for all and spiritual
wisdom can be used to heal and spread love and peace. These are done
through biblical studies, spiritual talks, presentations and guidance.
Santa and Carols – The Jingle Bells way – And finally, what better way to
spread the word and cheer than through the well known and so-loved Santa
followed by carols and prayers. Here is a picture of Santa visiting Varsha
Society in Tilak Nagar.

In the end, one can only say, that Christmas, like any other religious
celebration, is not just about remembering Jesus and his message for that one
day alone, but a vow to live the message as a way of life!
Chembur Pulse wishes all a very merry Christmas.

Written by Biju Nambiar, re-written by Swasti Dhar