Urban farming

I am neither a farmer by birth nor by profession. I do not live in a village with acres of land for farming. I live in a city, an urban jungle, where space is limited. But my love and passion for farming  began in this very urban jungle, when I first experienced some impeccable gardening…Read More

Salt pans of Chembur

Natural salt pans are flat expanses of ground covered with salt and other minerals, usually gleaming brilliantly white under the sun. Such land is formed in places where large water bodies have evaporated over thousands of years, leaving behind remnant salt and other minerals. Mumbai has around 5300 acres of saltpans, and they generated substantial…Read More

Salt Satyagraha

During Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha Movement, the Congress Committee of Trombay Island regularly organized salt marches from Trombay to Suman Nagar to support the movement protesting the unjust British prohibitions on salt making. Dozens of men from the area came forward to make salt, but they were quickly arrested and jailed by the British. Seeing,…Read More

Source: Bombay Guide Map Including Parts of Salsette, Survey of India, 1933

The forgotten railways of Trombay island

A few years back, a friend and I stared agape, as did a bunch of excited others from all walks of life, when the brightly-coloured, bug-like coaches of the monorail hummed their way into the terminal station next to Fine Arts. For years, we had groaned in collective exasperation, as a much-touted wonder of rapid…Read More