Chembur Pulse, a fortnightly community magazine of the Chembur suburb of
Mumbai is platform to connect the residents of Chembur to people and activities in their own
neighbourhood and to important issues that affect them. CP features human interest stories about
the history of Chembur, the residents and their lives and concerns, interests, hobbies and nature
and the environment. We welcome contributions from residents of Chembur, but
request that you read our submission guidelines carefully.

  1. What kind of articles/stories is Chembur Pulse looking for?
    We are looking for interesting and positive human interest stories about our neighbourhood. They could be about the history of Chembur including (but not restricted to) heritage homes, interesting places, gardens, trees and birds and of course, people. We are not looking for stories or articles expressing political opinions or stories with religious, political or communal undertones. Articles that glorify violence or feature any kind of profanity or foul language will be summarily rejected. We welcome light hearted humour stories, poetry and skits. Writers are
    responsible for the accuracy of the facts and figures in their stories. We request our contributors to cross check all information they put into their stories and articles for accuracy and authenticity. Contributions may be edited by the Chembur Pulse editorial team. If a story requires major rewriting it will be sent back to the writer for the required changes to be made.

2. If my article/story is not accepted for publication will I be informed about this?

Every article sent to Chembur Pulse will be acknowledged. Stories and articles that are not use by Chembur Pulse will not ordinarily be critiqued.

3. If I haven’t written an article or story but have a good story idea, can I send it to Chembur

If you have not written a story, but have a great story idea, pitch it to us. We welcome contributions from students and those who have not written before. However, please make sure that only ORIGINAL work is submitted to us. We will reject work that is copied or plagiarized from the Internet or other sources. All contributors will have to sign an undertaking that the work submitted by them is their original work. Chembur Pulse will not be responsible for any copyright infringement by individual authors.

4. Can people who have lived in Chembur at some earlier point in time also contribute to
Chembur Pulse?

People who are not current residents of Chembur, but who have lived there in the past are welcome to submit their stories with their memories and recollections of life in Chembur. If you are submitting a photograph, drawing, cartoon etc to Chembur Pulse, please make sure that you are the owner of the said item. If you are submitting a photograph taken by another person who has granted you permission to use it, please do mention this. Do not download photographs or drawings from the Internet with taking the requisite permission from the owner/creator of the said item.

5. Can I work on a story jointly with a friend or collaborator?

Submissions to Chembur Pulse can be made by a team of author-illustrator or photographer or
two authors. The copyright of all stories, photographs etc (intellectual property) published in Chembur Pulse
rests with their creators, who are free to use them elsewhere if so desired, but do mention that it was published in Chembur Pulse. If you are submitting a story or photograph that has been published before, to Chembur Pulse, please do mention this.

6. Can I post story/article that I have written for Chembur Pulse on my social media handles
– Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc?

If you post a story or feature in your social media handle, (Facebook, Instagram) please tag Chembur Pulse.

7. Can I advertise my product or service?

No, this is an advertisement free content site. The focus will be on good content related to our neighborhood and the sections / sub-sections as mentioned under several points above.

8. Do you have provision for sponsored content?

No, this for us comes under the same category as advertising and the rules remain the same as stated above

9. Will you cover social causes and work being done in the neighborhood?

Yes, only to the point that it does not promote or highlight any specific social body / concern / organization. We will try and stick to the story and the benefit it brings to people in specific or the society in general.

10. What If I wish to highlight an emergency?

This is a site for leisure reading with a feel-good factor. We cannot promise an immediate redressal even if we choose to cover the emergency. There are several social media forums and groups that may offer quicker relief / help.

11. What If I disagree with someone’s point of view in an article?

You are free to express your views under comments and feedback section. We would be happy to carry it. If needs be and found appropriate, we may connect you to the author / writer who you may choose to engage with.

11. I may have suggestions for the betterment of the site itself, who can I talk to?

We are all ears, please write in to us (our coordinates are given on the contact us page). Any suggestions that can help us grow to be better and relevant to our cause is welcome.

12. I wish to be a regular contributor? What benefits do I get?

Other than publishing your article and giving due credit for your effort, there maybe nothing else. This is a site founded and managed by selfless individuals and contributions are expected to follow the same ethos.

13. Technical specifications for articles / images / videos?

If it is a long format article, please seek prior permission from us. We would encourage that you do not exceed 200 words for your articles. Your images should be more than 500 KB but less than 2 MB in high resolution JPG format. Videos may be shared asa link from our own YouTube page. This helps maintain the video quality and provide more exposure to our website and the video too.