Project Dev-Rai, May issue

Project Dev-Rai, May issue

Asthika Samaj, Matunga - May issue

Asthika Samaj, Matunga - May issue

Prabhat Kunj - Laughter Club - May issue

Prabhat Kunj - Laughter Club - May issue

Down Memory Lane

Vistasp Kaikobad, resident of Neelkanth Gardens, Govandi East, is a longtime resident of Chembur. He was born on the campus of the TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) Deonar, where…

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Project Dev-Rai

(By Jhankar Gadkari and Prabodh Sharma) Certain sacred areas in the Sahyadri forests in Maharashtra are known as Dev-Rai. [ Dev = God +  Rai = Forest , Dev-Rai …..A grove where divinity resides ] These sacred areas are protected, revered and worshipped by the local  tribals.   One may also find  temples of local…Read More

Prabhat Kunj Completes 40 Years

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Diamond Garden ( Acharaya Udhyan) early morning you will not miss the shrill sound of Ho Ho Ha Ha that reverberates over a long distance. This is the clarion call from the Senior Citizens who gather everyday without fail to carry out the daily routine of physical…Read More

Tis the Season to spread Joy

Christmas is mainly associated with Santa, the Christmas trees, singing of thecarols and of course, the yummy plum cake. The OLPS church, which is at theheart of Chembur comes alive during the Christmas season.However, this article looks to highlight some other ways in which Christmasand the Christian spirit is celebrated by many Christians living in…Read More


One of the largest that I experience each year is the golu structure made so intricately at The Fine Arts Society, Chembur. I visited on 3rd October evening to make this (and many more) images.  This year it is special as it coincides with 60 years celebration of the Fine Arts Society – Chembur. There…Read More

The BEST women: Struggles & Survival

Recently we were invited by the Rotary group of Deonar President, Rtn. Vidhya Subramanian to take a BEST bus ride with her and the other rotary members and also attend a felicitation function afterwards. It was not just any regular ride and felicitation. The 42 meters long BEST was not only driven by a woman…Read More

Unsung heroes of Chembur – Zipwalla

Do you have a suitcase with a missing caster or strap? Is the zipper of your wallet or handbag jammed? Never fear! All you need to do is visit Chembur’s expert ‘bag repairer,’ located at the Janata Market, close to the Chembur local railway station. ‘Ravi Bag Repair,’ is run by two brothers, Raj Guru…Read More