Tinkering with Time

The Pancholi Watch Company is located right in the heart of the Chembur market. Since the entrance to the shop is directly opposite the Chembur local train station, the shop has become a landmark. The Pancholi Watch Company started functioning in its present location on the ground floor of the Shree Adhinath Co-operative Housing Society…Read More

ENCENS Chembur

Does any Mumbai neighbourhood have a perfume named after it? Yes! No, it’s not the tony Cuffe Parade area of South Mumbai, or cool Bandra, or plush Worli. It’s our very own Chembur! Chembur is the only suburb in Mumbai that has the distinction of having a perfume named after it! ‘Chembur’ by Byredo is a…Read More

Salt Satyagraha

During Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha Movement, the Congress Committee of Trombay Island regularly organized salt marches from Trombay to Suman Nagar to support the movement protesting the unjust British prohibitions on salt making. Dozens of men from the area came forward to make salt, but they were quickly arrested and jailed by the British. Seeing,…Read More

Source: Bombay Guide Map Including Parts of Salsette, Survey of India, 1933

The forgotten railways of Trombay island

A few years back, a friend and I stared agape, as did a bunch of excited others from all walks of life, when the brightly-coloured, bug-like coaches of the monorail hummed their way into the terminal station next to Fine Arts. For years, we had groaned in collective exasperation, as a much-touted wonder of rapid…Read More

Discovery of medieval relic in Chembur

A commemorative stone slab found on the campus of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) at Deonar in Mumbai in 2016 shows that land in Deonar was gifted by 14th century King Hambirarao to one of his  military commanders on October 3rd, 1368. The slab is inscribed in medieval Marathi, and is interspersed with Perseo-Arabic and…Read More

The Birdman of India

Salim Ali, (1896-1987) referred to as ‘India’s bird man,’ was a famous naturalist and ornithologist. Interestingly, his interest in birds began in Chembur. By the time he was three years old, Salim was orphaned. Salim and his eight siblings were then looked after by their maternal uncle Amiruddin Tyabji.  Uncle Amir often took his large…Read More