Ganesh Chathurthi, the celebrations of Lord Ganesha’s birthday, is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals in Maharashtra, as Ganesha, the charming and infinitely wise elephant headed God is a revered and extremely popular deity. Modaks are synonymous with Ganesh Chathurthi as Lord Ganesha loves these delicious, sweet fluted dumplings, and they are offered to…Read More

Working to fulfill a dream – AP MANI AND SONS

Nagesh Nadar is someone who has inspired me, though he is not a friend or dear one. He is an ordinary person -a vegetable seller in Chembur. As a poor thirteen year old boy, he helped his father Pichamani Nadar hawk vegetables in Chembur, Mumbai. His younger brother Sureshjoined him in this trade a few…Read More

Hot Summer Day Do’s and Don’ts

Summers have set in early, temperature is soaring high day by day.Prevention is better than cure. Avoid going out in the afternoon when the Sun is directly over head, it can cause heat strokes, a person can faint, causes dehydration. Many a time proves fatal. Drink a glass of water before leaving home.Carry a small…Read More

Urban farming

I am neither a farmer by birth nor by profession. I do not live in a village with acres of land for farming. I live in a city, an urban jungle, where space is limited. But my love and passion for farming  began in this very urban jungle, when I first experienced some impeccable gardening…Read More

My fitness journey

I am an academician by profession. I have been a teacher at the prestigious Atomic Energy Central School (BARC) for the last 20 years. After getting married and being blessed with a son and daughter, I, like most Indian women, was happily engaged in taking care of my kids and family while attending to my…Read More