Prabhat Kunj Completes 40 Years

Prabhat Kunj Completes 40 Years

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Diamond Garden ( Acharaya Udhyan) early morning you will not miss the shrill sound of Ho Ho Ha Ha that reverberates over a long distance. This is the clarion call from the Senior Citizens who gather everyday without fail to carry out the daily routine of physical exercise, pranayam, laughter, and meditation. Your day is made when you collectively affirm “We are the healthiest people in the world, we are the happiest people in the world, we are the luckiest people in the world, every day and in every way we are getting better and better and better”. Between 7.45 to 8.20 am the participants that number about 35, go through a routine of 50 exercises and in between invoke the God Almighty and offer prayers. Be it rain or shine nothing comes in the way of this daily routine.

Prabhat Kunj Vihar Mitra Mandal ( PK) also referred to as the Laughter Group was started in 1983 by a group of seniors that included Mr Mundle, Dharankar, Chitale, Gadgil, Bapat, Joshi and Pradhan. These seniors who were all members of the Senior Citizens Association Chembur decided to do something different. The idea was to chant Mana Cha Shlok besides following a structured regime of physical stretching and breathing routine. The exercise regime was developed by Mr Gorpade and Pradhan. Slowly the women folks joined in and in 1993 a proper constitution was adopted. The first elected President was Mr Mundale and Mr Pradhan the Secretary. It is a pleasure to see Mr Pradhan who at 88 years maintains the same zeal and zest as it was forty years ago. PK currently has around 200 members and is governed by a managing committee of 14 members. Stalwarts who diligently manage the affairs of the group include Mr Avinash, Ms Babita and Vidya and our one and only Senteen Mr Pradhan.

PK members meet once a month to celebrate birthdays of its members at the Bal Vikas School and enjoy themselves with singing and dancing. The 40th anniversary was celebrated with great fanfare on the 1st of May with professional singers. The highlight of the evening was the felicitation of super seniors who have been associated with the group for a long time. Mr Baliga was there on wheel chair but a feeling of joy was writ large  all over his face. 

PK also arranges for visits to places outside Mumbai for an overnight stay and this initiative is grabbed with great delight. On the social front PK sets the tone for activities like beautification of the Diamond Garden and also encourages presentation by companies that offer services to seniors. The MC members have a wonderful rapport with the MLA and MLCs from Chembur. 

The bonhomie that exists amongst members has to be seen to be believed and the motto of physical health with spirituality is what attracts people to the group. With an annual subscription of Rs 600 it is a steal and the amount will take you more than 600 miles of fun!!. Come join if you wish.