Ganesha, the elephant headed God is probably the most widely worshipped Hindu god. This son of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi, is the god of beginnings, knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and the remover of obstacles.  Most pictures or statues of this popular god shows him either sitting or standing on a tiny mouse, or there…Read More

Project Dev-Rai

(By Jhankar Gadkari and Prabodh Sharma) Certain sacred areas in the Sahyadri forests in Maharashtra are known as Dev-Rai. [ Dev = God +  Rai = Forest , Dev-Rai …..A grove where divinity resides ] These sacred areas are protected, revered and worshipped by the local  tribals.   One may also find  temples of local…Read More

Miyawaki Urban Forest

Ever thought that a small piece of land in your society could be transformed into a thick dense forest. And No, you don’t have to wait for decades to see the results. You could grow a fully self sustainable dense forest in 3-4 years.  Miyawaki urban forest is the answer to growing environmental problems such…Read More

Vasudevs of Maharashtra

India has a longstanding tradition of song, dance, music and theatre. Music was always used as a  medium for venerable purpose of worshipping the God.  Devotional songs were not only sung by a group of people called Keertanakars but also by the street singers and performers or Kavadias. In Maharashtra they are known as Vasudevs. A traditional…Read More

ENCENS Chembur

Does any Mumbai neighbourhood have a perfume named after it? Yes! No, it’s not the tony Cuffe Parade area of South Mumbai, or cool Bandra, or plush Worli. It’s our very own Chembur! Chembur is the only suburb in Mumbai that has the distinction of having a perfume named after it! ‘Chembur’ by Byredo is a…Read More

Chembur: A city in itself

While my first employment brought me to Mumbai – and what an eventful or rather dreadful first day it was when I hopped into a Virar fast from Andheri on my way to Churchgate. The experience left me shaken. I was well dressed in a corporate attire with a tie when I was on the…Read More

My fitness journey

I am an academician by profession. I have been a teacher at the prestigious Atomic Energy Central School (BARC) for the last 20 years. After getting married and being blessed with a son and daughter, I, like most Indian women, was happily engaged in taking care of my kids and family while attending to my…Read More

Walking down the memory lane

Once a day picnic spot for residents of Mumbai, Chembur has seen its lush green fields, orchards and ponds transform into busy streets, markets and food joints. Until the seventies, it was connected only by the harbour line and just a handful of BEST bus services.  The sleepy suburb is now centrally located between Navi…Read More