74th Republic Day celebrations at St. Gregorios High School, Chembur

St. Gregorios High School, Chembur celebrated Republic Day with the theme ‘‘मेरा भारत महान’. The guests of honour for this event were Ms. Flavia Agnes, the acclaimed lawyer, and Dr. Rajan Welukar, former Vice Chancellor of Mumbai and current Vice Chancellor of ATLAS SkillTech University.  The flavour of the day was Women’s Empowerment and both…Read More


New Building Premises at N.B. Patil MargTheme for the CribThe Bible Comes Alive!As this campus houses the junior section of the school, who are avid readers, we took a leaf outof our Annual concert theme, Stories Come Alive and used it to lay emphasis on the fact thatChristmas is not about Santa Claus or the…Read More

Chembur-car in the USA

An US citizen in the state of Virginia has taken up a license plate with the words “Chembur” for his Tesla electric vehicle. US citizen Anil Nair has been stopped by random strangers, some of whom became ‘new friends’. The story began almost 7 years ago when he acquired his Tesla Model S 70D –…Read More

Sunday Streets, an initiative by Mumbai Police

Sunday Streets, a wonderful initiative by Mumbai Police to encourage Mumbaikars to step out and reclaim a part of their area for four hours every Sunday, where children and adults can engage in fun and healthy activities such as yoga, cycling, running, walking pets without fear of traffic. Here’s a glimpse of activities this morning…Read More