Back to school memories

Back to school memories

When I look back at my school days, my mind is flooded with carefree and pleasurable memories. I think about how life was stress-free, with no qualms on my mind. I’ve realised how important it is to hold on to these memories, they evoke happiness, they keep me going and most importantly, they remind me of how far I have come and how much I have achieved. 

School is the place where I met some of my best friends, who are surely going to be my friends for life. I vividly remember all the gossiping, sharing of secrets and goofiness we did which we continue to do till this date. They are my comfort crowd, where I can be myself without getting judged and moreover, boost my confidence. Together, we’ve been through numerous punishments, even for the dumbest things like playing catch with an eraser during a free period. 

A significant part of my school memories is made up of those that were formed during our annual day and sports day, the biggest events in our school year. Annual day preparations started almost two months in advance, the excitement regarding what the next play is going to be about, the choir and cast selections, the songs that each class will be dancing on, always spread excitement through the school. From Mary Poppins to Ramayana, there has been a variety of dances and costumes plus, a variety of memories as well. The competitive atmosphere surrounding sports day was electrifying, it was one school ‘house’ against another and it was always great to see the camaraderie between students when it came to cheering for each other. 

Some irksome memories too – There is one I have when the whole class was begging the sports teacher to take up the free period only to end up with the maths teacher swooping in to take the sixth math lecture of the week, and I am sure this is something everybody has experienced. Even though school food was never to appealing, there were always a few gems like their chutney sandwich and pizza, and everyone always looked forward to ‘Junk Food Fridays’. The thing I miss the most is eating samosa pav from the small snacks counter right outside the school gate, no other stall has ever matched the taste of the one that ‘samosa pav uncle’ made. 

Thinking back to my school days, all the school drama between friends seem meaningless and now, is just a memory to reminisce and to laugh about how those were our biggest problems at that time. School days were the best days of my life, I will always be thankful for the special memories that I have made there.