Those were the days – Life in Chembur post Partition

Those were the days – Life in Chembur post Partition

On a cold September morning in 1947, fifteen year old Kamala and her family embarked on an arduous, three day  journey by ship towards their new home, Independent India. With  limited space for a family of five to barely sit together, they journeyed to the port of Bombay (now Mumbai,) where they dreamed of making a new beginning.

Being born in Karachi, then undivided India, little did Kamala know at that time, that the land she called her home, would now become foreign to her.

This is the story of 89 year old Kamala Yegnanarayan, fondly called Paati,  by her grandkids, who has been a resident of Chembur ever since her family moved to India, post Partition. 

The following interview was conducted by Chembur Pulse in an attempt to cover the complete life story of the witness, providing fascinating details about her Partition experience, and post Partition life changes


Reader Comments

  1. What a life! These are some memories etched so hard that Amma can recall in much detail like they just happened! Tough lady who took it all in the stride of life!
    I like the teaser very much. Accompanied by a lovely narrative by Shivani. The podcast is very nicely made. Edited well too. Some work is needed in the audio clarity!
    Decently done overall!
    We Chemburites can now watch this space for more on our beloved beautiful locality!

  2. Lovely interview. Good to see and hear aunt talk about her journey. Memories bring back memories bring back you!

  3. A nice walk down memory lane. The dear lady must have seen some of the toughest living conditions imaginable …. and she can still smile while remembering them.

  4. Lovely listening to aunty. Always thought that she was a Chembur girl.. Her eldest daughter was my classmate.

  5. I have heard a lot of these stories growing up and I’m always left in awe about her struggles. Love you paati❤️

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